Chateau la Canorgue was the very first certified organic vineyard in the Luberon region.

For over 40 years, Jean-Pierre MARGAN, a pioneer in the field, has followed the principle of protection of the environment and producing great wines as naturally as possible.

Since the 1970s the entire vineyard has been operated using organic methods and a few Biodynamics rules in an effort to achieve quality and fully respect the stock and the environment.

The stock has always been tended without any use of chemicals (no weed killers, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides or systemic products).

Only «traditional» treatments (Ecocert controlled and certified), based on sulphur and copper are used in very small quantities to fight cryptogamic disease (powdery mildew and other mildews)

These products are usually combined with plant decoctions (nettles, horsetail, etc.).

Ploughing is regular and provides mechanical weeding simultaneously to microbial activation and the deep rooting of the stock, thus favouring the expression of the terroir.

Organic soil improvements (guano, compost, organic origin manure) are spread to enrich the soil and provide nutriments for the stock.

Organic farming sublimes the expression of the fabulous Chateau la Canorgue terroir but requires a perfect mastery of the vineyard.

This strict and precise working method is controlled by Ecocert, which delivers the certification and makes regular checks and in-depth inspections to authorise the use of the Organic Farming and Wine labels (AB logo and European organic logo), which we place on our products as a transparency measure.