Built on the remains of an ancient Roman villa, Chateau la Canorgue takes its name from the many underground channels that the Romans had hollowed out from the rock to collect water.

The domain of Chateau la Canorgue, of which the owners were raised to the status of counts by Pope Benoit XIV, will enchant and seduce you by its charm and simplicity.

The fact that Chateau la Canorgue has been a wine producing domain in the same family for 5 generations is sufficiently rare to be underlined.

Almost abandoned by the sudden death of Jean, Martine’s father, the domain was waiting for a sign to reveal its treasures once again.

Martine and Jean-Pierre (also from a wine growing family!) accepted a formidable challenge in the 70s: to restore the vineyards and the cellars. They only managed to save a few plots of old and very old vine stockses… so almost everything had to be rebuilt.

After years of hard work, the labours of this man motivated by his passion were finally rewarded with a Gold Medal at the 1979 Paris General Agricultural Contest.

That year also marked the birth of their daughter Nathalie.

The following years were spent restructuring the vineyards, planting new plots, modernising and improving the cellar, the storage, the tasting rooms. Gradually, through sheer hard work, the domain became a reference in the Luberon region.

Several medals in the most well known contests, praise in the major guides and magazines, a «Winegrower of the year« award for Jean-Pierre… the regularity and quality of the wines are often highlighted.

Jean-Pierre, who practically worked alone at the beginning, gradually built up a small team.

Time passed… and the domain built and consolidated its reputation.

Once Nathalie had obtained her qualifications and travelled widely throughout the world, she caught the winegrowing bug and decided to return to her roots.

She began producing wine with Jean-Pierre in 2000.

The father and daughter began working together to translate their complicity into wines that are like themselves.