Both intense, gratifying and delicate, the harvest season starts in August by the regular sampling of grapes and the monitoring of the ripeness of each plot. This is when the grapes, the stalks and the pips are tasted to determine optimum ripeness and set the date to begin harvesting, but intuition is also a major factor.

The harvest for red wines is essentially manual. The use of machines for the more fragile white and rosés makes it possible to harvest at night to keep the grapes cool and avoid oxidation, which is harmful to quality.

The vinification and wine producing operations are carried out in the same spirit of quality and natural methods.

The cellar is a successful combination of traditional and modern.

Tradition is respected thanks to the old vaulted 17th century cellar in which the red wines are matured in foudres, demi-muids and barriques.

Modernity also has its place in the underground vinification cellar which makes it possible to steep in the grapes using gravity, an additional guarantee of quality.

This cellar is fitted with the best and latest equipment for vinification: gravity, meticulous sorting of the harvest, stripping, thermo-regulated stainless steel tanks and two pneumatic presses that allow gentle pressing.

Vinification is also natural, no artificial yeasts or tannins, tartaric acid or other additives are used, and only a minimal dose of SO2 is added.

The indigenous yeasts (those that are found naturally on the grape skins) make it possible for each terroir to express its personality.

The new European charter which was validated in 2012 controls the vinification process that we have already been using in our cellars for many years, and also allows our wines to bear the «organic wine» label.

Once the vinification and maturing are complete, the tasting and the magic of assembly begins… moments full of creation, intensity and emotion.

We then bottle the wine ourselves using our own bottling line and, ultimately, our greatest wish would be to witness each opened bottle to share our passion and your pleasure!!!